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  Feng Shui Mirror
I am enthralled with feng shui concepts.  It offers a balance to energy that can provide harmony to your home.  With the chaotic world we live in, harmony can provide a welcome oasis.  To that end, I offer my little balance for serenity -- The Feng Shui Mirror!
My Feng Shui mirrors are available in varying sizes and colors.  I use painted glass.  My mirrors are complete with a copper sheeting back.
 Feng Shui Colbalt and Aqua
Size:  14"w x 14"h
Price:  $340
The eight sides of my mirrors are reflective of the Pa Kua sectors in feng shui which when applied seeks to improve your health, wealth and happiness. Each side represents each of the feng shui compass.  
                                North:        Career
                                Northeast:  Knowledge
                                East:          Family & Health              
                                Southeast:  Prosperity
                                South:        Fame & Recognition
                                Southwest:  Relationships
                                West:         Children
                                Northwest:  Mentors/Networking
    Feng Shui Forest Green and Amber
Size:  12"w x 12"
 Price:  $250 
SOLD. Others are made with variation.
Color is one of the best ways to shift energy in your space with feng shui.  Color is entwined with feng shui elements.
FIRE (passion and high energy):                red, orange purple, pink, deep yellow
EARTH (nourishment and stability):            pale yellow, beige
METAL (clarity and precisement):               gray, white
WATER (ease, freshness, and abundance):  blue, black
WOOD (health and vitality):                      brown,green      

Feng Shui Purple and Aqua
Size:  14"w x 14"h
Price: $340
SOLD.  Variations are created.
Vermont Glass Designs © All Rights Reserved