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 Hand Beveled Glass
                                                                                                                   Organic Sculpture 
This is part of the fruits of my experience at the Corning Glass Museum. I took a wonderful cold construction course from the glass genius, Martin Rosol. This is my first attempt in art glass sculpture. As a bonus this is made from Steuben glass!
 Shooting Star
This is stunning!  It is hand-beveled from thick plate glass.  The center is colored glass of red with a smattering of yellow/gold which is also hand-beveled. Negative space completes the work. 
The red/gold center is a thick colored glass that is used in the Dalle de Verre process which dates back to the Byzantines.
Instead of faceting the Dalle with a hammer, I bevel it!  The facets of the beveling process gives a dramatice effect to any colored glass piece.
Size:  9.5" x 9.5"
                                                                                                Lime Daisy
I have 2 fabulous glass beveling machines that allow me to be able to accomplish an infinite number of bevel designs.  From these machines, I introduce my "Daisies!" 
They are a collection of mouth-blown glass surrounded by my handcrafted bevels.
Size:  10" diameter
Price: $299.99
 Cobalt Daisy
Each glass inset is one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass with its special texture of air bubbles and design. You can have your choice of bevel design.  I can email a picture of some of the insets I have, just contact us.
Size:  10" diameter
                                                                                                Red Daisy
My beveling machines include the Studio Model Denver Beveling Machine which allows straight line bevels and tight inside curves.  I also have an ASW lap wheel that bevels longer straight-lines and larger pieces.
Size:  10" diameter
Price: $299.99
Vermont Glass Designs © All Rights Reserved