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  Custom Cabinet Inserts  
LEAD FREE stained glass!  Green living loud and clear! 
Healthy for homes! Healthy for the environment! 
Presenting the unusual, non-generic designs of cabinet door inserts. 
(Of course, the usual and generic designs can be handcrafted lead free, too!) 
Plant Power
This design is my idea of what plant energy looks like! 
My design comprises of a nucleus glass rondel surrounded by handcrafted soft bevels.  It's soft cut and design allows for perception of movement.  The bevels are 3/16" thick -- allowing for lighter weight in cabinet doors.  It's a perfect design for any cabinet set.
This or any design can be customized to your specifications.
The Craftsman
This is one of my designs for the ever popular Arts and Crafts Movement.  There are four hand-beveled geometric shapes in this design. 
Any design can be yours!  I work with my clients in customizing a pleasing design.
You can't live in Vermont and not have a design of it's landscape!
Handcrafted soft bevels encompass the sky and the lake. 
Even though my inserts are pictured in cabinet doors, what I provide is the beveled and/or stained glass insert.
When creating this design, my mind wandered to hot air balloons floating in a green atmosphere.  The handcrafted bevels enclose the circle as well as being the basket part.  The center colbalt piece is beveled, too. 
Yes, I do bevel colored glass.  See my "Shooting Star" design in the 'Hand Beveled Glass' section. 
These are but a few of the designs that can be made for your home or office.  I tried to present the more off-the-wall detailed designs.  The work I do on cabinet doors is only on the insert.  The wood frame I leave to wood professionals.  I do work with architects and remodelers to achieve your exact look.
Contact me.  Be happy to sit down with you and customize your next cabinet door inserts. 
Vermont Glass Designs © All Rights Reserved