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 Agates Standard Bevels
"Cobalt Off-Center"
At a craft show in NY, a lady once came up to me and exclaimed, "All of your work is centrist!"  I looked around at my designs and said, "You are right!  I never thought about that."  This is the type of patron-input that gives me new direction!  I made sure that this cobalt agate was off-centered.
Measures:  9"w x 8"h  SOLD
"Diamonds of Agates" 
These agate gems are available in 2 sizes.  All of the agate slices I use for these diamonds are translucent!  Colors are based of availability: blues, pinks, purples, and naturals.  I do have a supply of these diamonds already crafted.  Since individual agates are unique in design, it will differ from these web images.  Contact me! I can email you a picture of some other geode diamonds!  
        4.5w x 7.5h   Price: $60.00 each
        5.25w x 9h    Price: $68.00 each       
 "Sunset Red"
This is an extemely high-energy piece! The reds in this agate slice are brilliant!  The bevels fracture the light!  A must-have for high-energy people. 
Measures 19"w x 18" h
Price:  $349.99
"Hot "Pink Triangle"
This silica beauty is a visual treat!  A pinker-than-pink agate slice embedded in bevels.  In a sunny window, this piece gives off high-energy to the max!
Measures 8"w x 10" h
Price:  $129.99
"Natural Agate"
This is a wonderful example of a natural agate slice.  It's earthy tones are representative of health, vitality, and growth in the feng shui philosophy! 
Measures 8"w x 7" h
 "Purple Landscape"
Royal purple hues dominate this lovely glass design.  See how this compliments your room with the lovely hues of violet.
Measures 10"w x 8" h
Price:  SOLD
Vermont Glass Designs © All Rights Reserved